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I would like to say somthing.

2011-11-09 00:54:40 by NinjaThumb

(NOTE: This is refering to the "2 Guys & a Jigsaw Puzzle", so go watch it before you read this.")

First: Neither Evolution Theory NOR the Creation Theory have been proven.

Second: The Bible was wrighten 2000 years ago when man still thought that you thought with your heart and that mass in your head was useless. In other words, you need to take into account that the Bible was wrighten for an adence that had NO grasp on science.

Saying that, I am 100% sure that if Jesus were to come amoy us today, he would speak in terms we could understand.

And Third: Science has proved nothing, there has been no evedence for anything science has used to try to explan creation with a creator.

If you want me to put it in terms of a puzzle, it would be like this:

The rim of the puzzle is our world, you know the simple things like "We need air to live" and "You should eat food and drink water" things like that. And then they try to explan why/how we got to were we are by puting a peice in the middle that seems to fit becuase there are no peices around it to show otherwise.

But in order for the throey to become fact, they need to have peices connecting all together. So they start to expand on ther throery and make peices that fit with the middle peice. But what happens when they get to the edge? It doesn't fit, and they have to make more new peices, and maybe even try to expand the eges of the puzzle a bit.

That is all I wanted to say, I am sorry about my missspellings, I am midly disslecsic.

LOL, I made a post.

2011-08-08 01:55:28 by NinjaThumb

I posted becuase I wanted to post for the sake of posting a post. So I say, why not post? So comment, telling me why you post the posts you post.